Monday, June 27, 2011

From a bookcase, she pulls out a story about two male giraffes who are sad to be childless — until they come across an abandoned crocodile egg

This is Sweden these days.

What are their prospects for the future.

Is one crocodile equal to two giraffes?

In other news:
The financial situation has been growing steadily worse at Saab. Last week it announced that it didn't have enough money to pay its employees' wages, and it was attempting to talk to suppliers about paying just 10% of their outstanding accounts in an attempt to resume production. Production has been idle for most of the past three months because suppliers haven't been paid.
Saab Automobile owner Swedish Automobile, formerly Spyker Cars NV, has been in talks with several parties about securing future funding, but hasn't yet got the necessary clearance from regulators and stakeholders to complete a deal. It has investment pledges from Chinese companies, interest from Russian billionaire Vladimir Antonov, and is also trying to sell Saab Automobile property. However, it needs permission from regulators in Sweden and China and clearance from the Swedish government and the European Investment Bank, which has provided Saab with a loan.
Regulators and stakeholders. Sweden had the most competitive economy in the EU in 2010.

In the EU.

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