Wednesday, June 29, 2011

On Blago: You could cut off his head and he wouldn't be any dumber

Pretty brutal but who could argue. Roger Simon, WSJ: Another Illinois Governor Goes to Jail :
Having risen to high office due almost solely to the political machine of his father-in-law, Chicago alderman and ward boss Richard Mell, Blago is now exposed to the jury for what he really is. "You could cut off his head and he wouldn't be any dumber," a Chicago insider tells me.
Al Capone ran hooch, cheated on his taxes and undoubtedly killed people. But he never threatened to throw poor, sick kids out onto the streets.
His second in command took over the office. Dem Gov. Quinn, at the helm of this bankrupt state, might as well be throwing kids out on the streets, he's stiffing healthcare providers after shaking in secret on a sweetheart deal to keep public unions fat and happy.

And we've got the same old same old: Audit: Breaches in security in state offices that process tax returns Gee, how could I forget when the IL Sec. of State's office printed our social security numbers in full on our drivers' licenses. A roadmap to identity theft. (Of course if you had a bogus number already, a motor voter, no problem.)

As we know, Blago's just the one who got caught. The entire Dem establishment in this state, including Barack Obama, supported Blago for reelection when he was under NINE federal indictments. Life goes on:
The Culture of Corruption in Illinois

As for Mr. Simon of Politico, you're part of the problem, a former Sun Times Dem hack. But perhaps you too are a born again reformer. Well, I won't hold my breath. I have a head on my shoulders in full working order.

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