Monday, June 06, 2011

Wreckovery Summer in the City

 Not only has this administration larded us up with big govt, which is bad enough in itself, since we taxpayers have to support these jobs out of our pockets, a dead weight--can we say "let's move", get lean?!--but the president and his heavies are menacing the true job-creators in the private sector. It's not only small business getting beaten up, the backbone of new jobs in this country, it's a hallmark company:
Boeing is America’s largest exporter, but we want them to export airplanes, not jobs.”
And then there's crime, especially ugly this year. (What happened last summer. And what happened this spring. In the White House.) Ugly:
Caller “Tony” says he is a retired Chicago Police officer, and feels the city is afraid to talk openly about the problem of so called “flash mob” violence, because the offenders are African American.
"When is the 2000 pound gorilla in the room going to be addressed? These are black thugs from the West side. This is not a group of mob children. These are black gangbangers," he said. "Now I'm a retired policeman. Thirty years ago, I would put my size 13 so far up their rear end, they would never do it again. But because of the liberals in our society, they've taken the power away from the police to do anything."
Caller and current police officer “Michael”, agreed.
"Because the department and the politicians in this city don't want to face what's really going on out here because it's politically incorrect, OK? This is black on white violence OK? They won't pursue a hate crime on a lot of these when it should have been pursued," he said.
It's not just (even NPR has noticed--Venice Beach) Chicago.
It’s also a problem in St. Louis, Las Vegas and Philadelphia where text-messaging “flash mobs” of youths have also been swooping into stores, stealing merchandise and running away.
You notice they're stealing stuff, not necessities. (Gee, is it the Obama reelection army? They feel entitled.) Heavy-hitting:
Heavy-hitting fund-raisers met with Obama campaign manager Jim Messina at Chicago’s Hyatt Regency last Wednesday, according to a report by Chicago Sun-Times Washington correspondent Lynn Sweet. Messina asked them to “raise $60 million for the Obama 2012 re-elect and the Democratic Party by the end of June.”
The president will do his part, hitting at least four fund-raisers this month, in the Democratic Party bulwarks of Miami, New York City, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.
Yessiree it's wreckovery summer in the city.

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