Monday, July 25, 2011

Breivik is an anti-Islam extremist, not a "Christian" or "right-wing" extremist.


More. TWS: Debunking the Left-Wing Myths About 'Right-Wing, Extremist Christians'

Confused minds are confused minds.

...and Mark Steyn.

It's taking a while to sort this all out, but however crazy this guy was he seemed to hate multiculturalism more than Islam itself.

But given Islam is a supremacist religion as written, in the absence of judgment multiculturalism bows down to tyranny.

...More from the NRO comments, this exchange:
Jordan Brantley
07/25/11 13:11
This man represents what can be called a "Cultural Christian". He is supportive of all of the cultural impacts and societal advancements that Christianity has benefited Western Civilization, but he does NOT have orthodox Christian beliefs such as the deity of Christ, the Trinity, etc., and he does not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, the whole purpose of the set of doctrines called "Christianity". People among his ranks include Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, many of the Founding Fathers and many Enlightenment Philosophers in general. They like the impact Christianity has on society but, for them, it's just "not for me". Unfortunately, many conservatives fit this description. The atheist S. E. Cupp is a prime example. I love her, she's very right about most of her political views, but she's not a Christian. I think this is a warning for everyone to worship Christ, not Christianity.
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old white guy
07/25/11 14:57
idot. Christanity or Christ has nothing to do with what this idiot did. jeez, get a brain. at least one that works.
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07/25/11 13:10
In a post below, I encourage others to promote this link to Verum Serum's helpful, concise summary of how the Norway murderer HIMSELF acknowledges that he's not Christian in any religious sense.
I neglected to add that it's crucial to promote this among blogs and media outlets beyond our own "right wing" bubble. (An edit function would be nice.)
I've just sent the link to a number of outlets, FWIW.
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More. Boris Johnson: There is nothing to study in the mind of Norway’s mass killer: We can ignore his puerile ideology. Anders Breivik was interested only in himself

Putting it in perspective, Powerline. In Defense of Blond Norwegians

...If I were Norway, though, after the mourning, I would wonder why there were no heroes in this story? I would question the evolution of their culture. Were the adults all gunned down in the initial blast? And the behavior of the police was pitiful.


SpearWolf said...

Sure does make one wonder about the the fierce and feared Vikings have become a nation of sheeple. Is this the legacy of Socialism? Just wondering.....

Anne said...

Yeah, I think that's it.