Monday, July 18, 2011

The latest leftist iteration--The Firsters, the Enemy

It's not blame America first this time, it's blame the Tea partiers first. We're hicks, we're educated, we're people who take their American history too seriously--oh, yeah, we're the ones who are confused. What's the latest posture from the coastal know nothing know-it-alls:
In this week’s controversy, Firsters are promoting the narrative of Barack Obama as the great statesman of the hour, willing to go the extra mile for a great bargain. Somewhere and sometime, according to this fantastic account, Obama experienced an 11th-hour conversion to spending restraint. Only no one–no one–has seen or knows what he wants. It is the phantom of the budget, staged with wondrous smoke and mirrors and accompanied by the old refrain, now growing stale by repetition, of Obama worship. We are witnessing the sorry spectacle of high-minded commentators, who only recently were chanting in unison for greater transparency in our politics, and who now bite like a school of perch at the cheap plastic lures and leaks being tossed out by White House flaks. These are men and women without an ounce of pride in either themselves or their craft.
Get yours here, cheap.

Leftists look anywhere but in the mirror for taking responsibility.

More. Barone. Translating The One. Looking again at one of Obama's budget sacred cows:
They include a train from Iowa City, Iowa, that will take longer to get to Chicago than already existing bus service and a train from Minneapolis to Duluth, Minn., that will average 69 miles per hour -- about what you could average on the parallel Interstate 35.
Obama has rhapsodized about the pleasure of walking to a train station and taking a high-speed rail trip to another city. But the great majority of Americans don't live within an easy drive of a train station.
Meanwhile commuter rail in Chicago is suffering budget cutbacks, duh. Even in urban areas it may not pay.
Anne Leary

Rubio. The real problem is the debt itself.

The real enemy is spending. The president's talk is cheap, but his inaction is costing us bigtime. Will the lure of The One endure until the next election?

...But for now, united we stand, and wield the power of the purse.

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