Saturday, July 23, 2011

The only responsible choice is to protect

Yourself and those in your care, especially in an isolated place--with guns. Powerline.

This guy fired and slaughtered for 90 minutes.

...Breivik should be executed for his crimes. But his ideas are not crimes.

More. Say Anything: Racist News Only Mentions Suspects Race/Religion If They Are Nordic/Christian

More. Reason: Meet the Man Arrested for the Utøya Shootings   And this:
by lenejohansen


King Mob said...

News reports of Muslim terrorists don't mention they were Muslims, or what country they were from? The Fort Hood shooters radical Islamic beliefs were not "suppressed". What a bizarre statement.

I can tell you're disappointed you couldn't use this to attack to stir up more hatred against Muslims. You've gone from "Stand With Norway" to "Don't Blame Racist Right Wingers!".

Anne said...

Noting the Muslim religion is often suppressed in the media. YOu can search my site and see coverage of the aftermath of the Ft. Hood shooting.

Disappointed? No. I am always sickened by the evil people are capable of.

I stand with Norway. I stand for the 2nd amendment. I stand for free speech for those in the West, and those who are afraid to speak out in the Middle East.

And I remember those murdered ones in my prayers.

King Mob said...

"...Breivik should be executed for his crimes. But his ideas are not crimes."

I agree most conservatives are not terrorists, and we shouldn't hyperventilate over this and paint things with a broad brush.

But that's consistently what you do on your blog. Whenever a Muslim carries out some sort of despicable act, it's to you evidence that it's an evil faith.

And yet, when a conservative does something like this, you say something completely opposite. Of course, you also support all kinds of political violence. The wars in the Middle East have killed thousands of innocent people. To militant Muslims, this is evidence that Westerns are all evil and need to die...

Perhaps events like this might make you want to reconsider blind hatred for vast groups of people.

Anne said...

I do think the Muslim faith, as written, is supremacist. It needs a Reformation.

And I say that as a Catholic.

Read Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Infidel. I agree with her.

Conservatism is not a faith.

For you to deny Islamists' war on the West, and on their own people, is blind.