Friday, July 22, 2011

Palin leads among female GOP and GOP-leaning indies. Obama? Town Hall Narcissist

Latest polling: CNN Poll Shows that a Higher Percentage of GOP/GOP-Leaning Indies Want Governor Palin to Run than the Percentage Who Want Perry/Giuliani to Run

We need a happy warrior:)

'Cuda Nation.

Go and see The Undefeated around the country. VOTE for more locations. In Chicago tomorrow.

Meanwhile, former Obama admirer Peggy Noonan unloads on our all about me...

RCP video: Obama: "Would Be Easier If I Could Do This Entirely On My Own" organizer president: He's like a walking headache. He's probably triggering Michele Bachmann's migraines. 

What's the prescription? Get rid of this guy: UPDATE:
The Undefeated Movie

P.S. Is Karl Rove out of touch? :) And this: As for the Palin film Bannon says, "This is no PBS documentary. I love it!
The former Naval officer and former vice president of Goldman Sachs launched his own company, Bannon & Co.. as an investment banking boutique firm specializing in intellectual property.
Clearly a great guy, standing up for Sarah, recognizing stellar when he sees it:)

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