Friday, July 22, 2011

Uh, Rahm--Chicago Needs Vouchers

John Kass calls him out. Rahm storms off from other reporter.
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Let these children GO.

Bolshie Chicago mob. Choice for me but not for thee: monstrous Gulag Archipelago of government child custodial facilities

More. My friend Pat Hickey: Rahm, Chicago Needs Catholic Schools - Vouchers Would Be a Great Help:
Today in a very cogent and practically articulated article John Kass of Chicago Tribune offers a sound bit of advice to Mayor Rahm Emanuel - get behind School Choice Vouchers and now. Here is the impact point - Chicago's tax-base send their kids to Catholic schools -middle class families black, white and Hispanic - with great personal sacrifice: they pay tuition twice, because they are required to live within the City limits:

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