Tuesday, July 26, 2011

White House admits "showing a lot of leg"...

Then accuses mild-mannered MSM reporters of parroting "Republican talking points" by asking where's the president's plan. TWS:
So when the minority party in the lower chamber of Congress puts out a 19-page budget framework, the Obama White House derides it as unserious. But when the president of United States refuses to detail his plan to deal with the nation’s most pressing problem, and to avoid what he says would a global economic collapse, generalities are not only permitted, but preferable.
Here's video of the exchange, where Carney accuses Todd of repeating a "Republican talking point" for pointing out that the president doesn't have a plan...
Show us the plan. Not a White House leg. Or even an arm and a leg. Cuz we know that's what this president is costing us.
Boos today, Borger laughs incredulously last night. Even to their tame media...These supposed wise men look like fools.

P.S. Carney snarky to Ed Henry (it wasn't NBC's Chuck Todd as TWS had it, relying on a voice), late of CNN, new to Fox. These guys are losing it.

Paul Ryan backs the Boehner plan.

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