Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Bachmann's New Ad: Believe It

A strong position in advance of the straw poll.

An interesting new group, poised to combat the left's usual sway over women:
Equally important to Voices of Conservative Women is moving candidates and their campaigns to recognize the importance of women's votes. The group hopes to make that point obvious in Iowa. DeJournett describes an encounter with one of the presidential campaigns where she said she was told, "We've got this great young woman, she's in charge of the women's vote."

"But why isn't she in the war room [of the campaign]?" DeJournett wonders.

Women outvote men in every election, she says. "We shouldn't be confined to the back room with a pink button."
Pink is fine. Lots of Tea party leaders are women. But that strong yellow works pretty well:)
P.S. Here's the Voices of Conservative Women website


Cal Skinner said...

How does one contact the new conservative women's group?

Anne said...
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Anne said...

Website link added above. Here's their contact info: VOICES of Conservative Women Senior Leadership is available for press interviews, opinion pieces (OpEds) and media appearances. VOICES can provide our logo, biographical information and photographs upon request.

Members of the media should contact Jennifer DeJournett (President) to schedule interviews or for general inquiries call 612.460.1870.