Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Beyond the ruin of the moment

We just endured Black Monday, tanking as the president talked, the first trading day after the historic! S&P downgrade of America's debt. During this historic! presidency. We have to endure until November of next year, when I hope to God we elect a new president, as even the left is contemptuous.

The DNC is already running campaign ads in Iowa, with a tinny alarmist beat, the stuff of melodrama. Class warfare meets the Perils of Pauline. But if you want a villain, I suggest the closest thing to Snidely Whiplash.

As you watch this all unfold over the next agonizing months, as we the TEA and the GOP struggle to save what we can until the sea change in America smashes back the rise of the oceans soothsayer, take heart.

Chronicle the hate, expose the flimsy reason, categorize the lies. Read Klavan all the way through.

Remember in November 2012. Look beyond the ruin of the moment.

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