Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Don't call me angry, Me re dith

Don't call me angry. Call me OUTRAGED

Yes, who knows what we might be capable of.

Santelli rightly calls her on it. Didn't you know, Me re dith, the majority of indies are women? The majority of TEA party leaders are women?

If this doesn't exemplify the patronizing, elitist attitude we have come to expect, yet she thinks she's being sympathetic. Calling us fringe.

Ah well, and if the Dems want to be Machiavellian, fine, all to the good. They're not the ones who are out of line, no, no, no.

And if men are upset as well, why wouldn't they be? We've got a mancession going on. As well as a youth depression.

More. (Photo above source at rally which defeated a blue dog Dem) Rasmussen: Voters Still Express More Confidence in Tea Party Than in Congress
While several prominent Democrats and their media friends have charged the Tea Party with being economic terrorists during the congressional budget debates, just 29% of voters nationwide agree.
Battered but unbowed.

...Market tanks again. Main St. Bank quits.


Cal Skinner said...

Thought I recognized the photo of the blond woman holding the sign. It's McHenry's Joyce Story.

Rest of photos from that rally outside of Melissa Bean's Schaumburg office can be found at this link:

Anne said...

Thanks. Yes, I got it initially I think with links from the Palatine tea party

Updated with source link, thanks.

It's one of my favorite photos:)