Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Former Dem Pol & Spouse of Hef's Daughter Busted on Insider Trading* #obamabirthdaypartygames

Of Playboy stock. Crain's. Oh, he is also a sometime Huffpo contributor.

Classic leftist elistist--he thinks the laws don't apply to him. Kind of like Schakowsky and her spouse. Then there's Mayor Daley and his spouse.

I wonder if Hef's son in law will be at the Obama birthday bash? Well, we know who won't get an invitation. Huffpo sniffs:
The notoriously obnoxious Tea Party-aligned conservative pundit William J. Kelly and his "Kelly Truth Squad" will be hosting a so-called Jobs Bash reception at the Green Mill, across the street from the Aragon beginning at 3 p.m. Kelly has called for "the unemployed and underemployed to bring their resumes" to the event and "call on the President to own up to the high U.S. unemployment figures."
"Barack Obama is only concerned about one job and that is his own," Kelly wrote in a description of the event on his website. "He is in town for a birthday fundraiser after sending a debt limit deathblow to American businesses."
Sorry--only crony capitalists and Dem hacks welcome.

P.S. Apparently someone else didn't get an invite (but then they'd have to actually work): UNION MEMBERS OUTRAGED After White House Hires Non-Union Crew For Obama’s Birthday Bash

P.P.S. Kenwood community looks for answers in murder spike Residents say violence 'rare' in neighborhood Obama calls home

AND THIS  : Pin the Debt on the Children

Michelle Malkin has a list.

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