Saturday, August 13, 2011

The latest PC assault on math

Dear Leader education with a vengeance.

Yet another reason for school choice. for "fair trade" advocates, one comment:
These Libs who complain about "sweat shops" and "exploitation" don't understand how economies evolve over time. Without these sweat shops, only the fathers are strong enough to work (in the fields), while the women and children burn poop in grass huts.

When the sweat shops move in the women and children can actually earn money and pull their family out of abject poverty, but the Left calls it exploitation because they are juding the situation from the perspective of a first-world economy instead of comparing apples to apples.

When Libs shut down a clothing sweat shop in Asia because it was "exploiting women", the female workers wound up being forced into prostitution instead. Good job Libs!
A little knowledge is a dangerous thing:)

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