Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Using granny's handicapped pass

I imagine this happens all over the country. From a friend in my suburban Chicago:
A Skokie resident I swim with complained to me that Gillson Park is over run by soccer players, and large groups cooking and eating all over the place.   I was amused by her complaints as she is also a non resident, but what really interested me was that she was waved into the park without a Gillson pass or Wilmette sticker because she had her mom' handicapped tag dangling from her mirror!    She does this all the time.   Handicapped tags are a magic pass to Gillson.  No wonder the non-locals can bring so much junk to the park!    They use granny's handicapped parking pass.   So much for parking restrictions........  
From another friend:
Gee if I could get a handicap tag I could save the $60 Wilmette parking fee!
Yeah, I mean we honest taxpayers are chumps, right. Then there's this sense of entitlement to the nth degree, sick as sick can be: Sex with 12-year-old girls: The nauseating direct... HT Pundit & Pundette 

...And then we have crap like this for people just trying to earn an honest living

--which supports this leviathan state, soon to be mobocracy coming to a neighborhood near you-- 

Chicago Requires A License To Help People Fill Out The Paperwork To Get a Business Permit

More lousiness. Rahm's Home Improvement. Chicago bleeds mortgage lenders for money from vacant property.

...Thanks for post of the day, Legal Insurrection:) Stay safe out East.


John Ruberry said...

People in Morton Grove drive there for the beach. I hope they behave.

Anne said...

Hey, it's a big lake! :)

Anne said...

I just think it's so classic liberal: scofflaw--then complain about other people