Sunday, September 18, 2011

Is Michelle's Let's Move Funding Terror Fronts?

American Thinker looks at the ties. Not to mention intolerance and mismanagement:
Also troubling is the point that "[a]ccording to the most influential Islamic authorities, zakat (alms in Arabic) can be given only to Muslims."  So how does this figure in Michelle Obama's outreach program?
Moreover, in January of 2011, Daniel Pipes described how "Islamic 'charities' squander money."  He explained how the Islamic Society of North America's Canada branch had engaged in "gross mismanagement" whereby less than one-quarter of monies collected went to the Muslim recipients.  Pipes further explained that "ISNA's management refused to give the auditor all the necessary documents" and thus it was not possible to follow "the trail of funds transferred from ISNA to other organizations[.]"  Pipes ends his article by stating that "Islamic 'charities' already have a notorious reputation because of their ties to terrorism; this case shows that they must be watched for more venal problems as well."
At $4.5 billion that's a lot of money to spread around. But maybe it's being wasted elsewhere.

As for the childhood obesity epidemic, even the left has questions.

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