Monday, September 26, 2011

nO more: switch to sheet cake in Hoosier state

Neighbor to his home state, Obama's charisma did the trick for him in usually red Indiana in 2008, but no more:
Even small signs of recovery are tentative. Baker Adam Harrison, 37, said his business "sky-dived without a parachute" in 2009. Demand for wedding cakes has rebounded, he said, but brides are forgoing ornate multi-tiered concoctions in favor of simpler two-layer offerings or cheap sheet cake.
Mary McHugh, a physical therapist in her mid-50s, said she supported McCain in 2008, but many of her clients and colleagues supported Obama.
"A lot of middle-aged women and hard-working, middle-class people, they were struggling, and he just came in and dazzled them. Everyone thought he was going to wave a magic wand," said McHugh, sitting in VanHusan's salon. "I don't think they'll support Obama again. They're looking for an option. They're looking for someone for president who has some experience in business."
How about experience, period. There's not a high hurdle after this president. When he starts demonizing Americans facing tragedy he really gets in the gutter--and at yet another high-end fundraiser.

Real jobs are the answer but this let them eat crumbs president and his sidekick don't have a clue.

P.S. Have a cupcake in the meantime.

P.P.S.Cracks appear in Obama's Chicago base

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