Thursday, September 15, 2011

PDS so pathetic even NYT won't touch it

Woman who can't win attacked again:
Anne Leary The left can't get their act together. PDS splats: Sarah Palin Can’t Win | Power Line 12 hours ago

Must read RT : On the : Hypocrisy supernova as Palin sex smear imitates art — in reverse 10 hours ago 
instapundit.comHEH: “Liberal Bloggers React To New York Defeat By Pushing Rumor That Sarah Palin Slept With A Guy …: HEH: “Li... 11 hours ago
Free Larry Sinclair! 

Legal Insurrection:  NY Times review: Yeah, Joe McGinniss is a sleaze And even the leftie Guardian can't stomach this stuff.

The left gets more ludicrous every day, in Onion territory. P.S. There's lots of material you could work with.

More. Attack film falls flat. And this:) Wyclef Jean Talks Sarah Palin

...Ah, and Sarah Palin herself, on the substantive topic of the day: Crony Capitalism on Steroids from GE to Solyndra

Chicago Boyz:
Mr. Fukuyama famously asserted that liberal democracy had “won” and that the ideological struggles of modernity were over, and history had ended.
But what if the final state is not democratic capitalism? What if convergence is right after all? What if Soviet communism fell apart and turned into a mafia state run by an alliance of government and favored businesses, which control the country by corruption and intimidation, a nomenklatura that strips out all the value in the country on behalf of a well-connected elite, immiserating everyone else. This amoral, vicious, greed-driven, undemocratic dystopia is what we are now converging toward. It is an Orwellian future, with an Inner Party of senior politicians and business executives, an Outer Party of government employees and business managers, and a vast, despoiled, proletariat with no opportunities, or assets or future. It sounds like the world Mr. Obama is brazenly pushing us toward. It also sounds like a future that no Republican has so far dared to point to, to name, to denounce and to oppose — because they would prefer to be in on the game than take the risks inherent in opposing it.
So, Fukuyama was right: We are approaching a single form of governance around the world. Unfortunately, it turns out, it’s fascism.
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