Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rethinking Jackie O

She was very reclusive, understandably so, and even more rare in this day and age. A new glimpse, 50 years later: I loathe the French. More here.

I don't have much memory of her, other than her courage and grace at the death of her husband.

When I was a kid, though, before that tragic event, we had a record, a spoof of the Kennedy White House. She did have a lovely voice--I do remember the real tour on TV. The album stuck with me for years, especially the luncheon vignette with world leaders.

My folks were Irish Catholic Democrats. That's how I grew up. I think now JFK is really center-right on the political spectrum. As for Jackie, I'll have to listen to more.

...But I did learn French as a kid from a war bride who ended up in my small town. And that stays with me today too:) I took Russian later. (Better I shouldn't learn any more languages, because I sorta loathe both countries.) Though French still sounds lovely to me.

The First Family:

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