Thursday, September 08, 2011

Trumka to sit in Michelle's box at O's speech

Richard Trumka, the AFL-CIO head who urged President Obama to "go to the mat" for labor unions, will be sitting in Michelle Obama's box during tonight's speech to a joint session of Congress. The move comes on the heels of a Labor Day speech by Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa in which he spoke of a war with the tea parties and said "lets take these sons-of-bitches out" -- moments before Obama assumed the same podium.
Some snorting over at Lucianne's. She probably can't get away with putting on the headphones. I for one wouldn't blame her. for next year at the Vineyard, sayonara, though maybe Trumka and Hoffa will take it off the guy's hands. Wouldn't that be crony cozy. Perhaps a sizzlin' little strip of it for The One...on second thought, she probably expects us to buy the place for her. It'd be a steal.

And by the way, is the box for sale?
Among other invited guests to sit in the first lady's box are corporate CEOs that have been allies of the administration, including GE's Jeff Immelt, who was appointed to be chair Obama's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. Other coporate executives include Steve Case, the former AOL head, and American Express CEO Ken Chenault.
Not George Kaiser?

More lovely union news: "Obama's Army": Hundreds Of Union Agitators Storm Ports, Hold Security Guards Hostage

And just another crony to White House triptic

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