Sunday, October 23, 2011

Can we STOP this stuff!!! Field of Dust & Bust

Zion “came up with a very creative plan that would be funded by the state of Illinois,” Delisle said. “This was when stimulus money was being doled out like crazy and our site pad was ready.”
Anne Leary
Fed up with Blue fiscal fools: The Red State in Your Future - Forbes
21 hours ago
Trib editorial: 
No. Because you're broke.Legislators will look foolish if their veto session toys with still more spending and borrowing
Anne Leary
The public union BOSS HOG bankruptcy future here:Rhode Island –A public sector pension plan which doesn’t make anything
1 hour ago
OccupyChicago pics from 10/22 march: Dear rich straight white dudes, f*ck off

Dust and bust y'all Dems knew they would lose on the merits. What have they reaped? Dust and bust.

We the people: Principled and right: 9-9-9, Flat Tax Would Unleash Wave of Prosperity - Steve Forbes, NY Post

We will fight for the real American Dream. And save you foul-mouthed bratty Dem demagogue tool losers too.

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