Thursday, October 27, 2011

Chicago Aldermen on Rampage with Blackberries

George Soros is funding wireless around town, there're going to be speed cameras everywhere and the 50 porkers on the public payroll have now armed their ward supers with blackberries to raise nanny state tyranny to a fine art. Rahm's upped the dollars to their slush fund and now they are fired with typically selective zeal to squeeze fees out of anything that moves and everyone they can:
After watching the Department of Streets and Sanitation showcase its “mobile electronic ticketing,” Ald. Tom Tunney (44th), chairman of the City Council’s Committee on Economic, Capital and Technology Development, suggested Wednesday that the Blackberry technology be used to crack down on a chronic winter violation that endangers and infuriates pedestrians.
“One thing I know is not being written is people who don’t shovel their snow. I’m assuming that this technology is there to take a picture of the snow not being shoveled [and say], ‘Property owner, here’s your $100 ticket.’ Is that correct?” Tunney asked a Streets and San employee doing the demonstration.
“That’s correct,” the employee said.
Streets and Sanitation Commissioner Tom Byrne added, “You can go that way. We haven’t gotten there yet. The sky’s the limit on it. We can do almost anything with it.”
I have a suggestion. With all this emphasis on efficiency how about cut the number of aldermen? And fully privatize Streets & San.

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