Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Cain Comes Out Strong

I thought he was firm and persuasive.

Even Chicago media knows his Allred-accuser has a history.

And I was waiting for his final words--and he delivered what I wanted to hear--that's he's running, "not for me but for the grandkids".

That's the spirit we need in a president.

...Someone who doesn't wilt under pressure. As for supposed media skepticism about a Dem machine. Puhleeeeze. Where did Gloria Allred come from? Did she fall off the turnip truck?


Rose said...

He did well. And the press seemed a bit quiet when faced with reality instead of rampant speculation. They were kinda respectful towards him, I was surprised. I wonder if they sensed that he was telling them the truth - something they may not get very often.

Anne said...

Yes. I think so. Good to know your opinion, Rose, I value it very much.

He has an innate dignity.

How can you come clean with details if there is nothing there to confess.

And so the rabid PC press is silenced.