Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Had the phone, not the computer so here's the tweet on the amazing Herman Cain:

Why should I believe these anonymous women:RCPvid Cain On Sexual Harassment Charge:"Totally Baseless And Totally False"
15 hours ago

Exactly.The full Alinsky smear&destroy:RCP Video - Limbaugh: Politico Story An "Unconscionable Racially Charged Attack"
15 hours ago

The left really is despicable. And desperate: High Tech Lynching: The Sequel Starring Herman Cain
14 hours ago

14 hours ago

JIM TREACHER: ‘I have in my hand a list of Herman Cain accusers…’ I repeat my earlier ques…: JIM TREACHER: ‘I...
13 hours ago

Not even a smile&wink.Recall O called that reporter sweetieCain details gesture that led to sex accusation via
13 hours ago

No hostile atmosphere. Looks like the reverse: Cain's Former Secretary: This Is Not the Herman Cain I Know | TWS
12 hours ago

A gentleman, a leader, looking out for the little guy RT : Herman Cain at Pillsbury(powerline)
12 hours ago

{powerline} Herman Cain at Pillsbury
16 hours ago

Mary Katharine Ham
Great piece. RT : my day watching Herman Cain--he spoke, he huddled, he went on TV, he sang.
12 hours ago

RealClearPolitics Video - Herman Cain Explains And Responds To Harassment Claim On Greta
19 seconds ago  


pathickey said...

This is the full Axelrod.

Herman must have them all pooping their panty hose.


Anne said...

This is beyond shameful

It's also really dated

And in this day and age looks petty as well--just like the not aging well "feminist" movement

pathickey said...

Watch Herman's numbers soar!

I hope I get to vote for the guy. A genuine black gentleman against puffed-up dummy with good tailor and no accountability.

Anne said...

Yes. He's clearly a gentleman

He doesn't parse his words like some smooth lawyer pol

The press is playing gotcha over a non event

It won't work, people are sick of this predictable MSM play

As we learned from good ole boy Bill Clinton there's a pattern of behavior with bimbo eruptions

With Cain there's NOTHING to these accusations