Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Do we trust one-child China to make our vaccines?

Do we? The country that exported poisonous dog food, toothpaste, and sold killer milk to its own children? The country that forcibly aborts babies? Allegedly harvests organs from prisoners? Jails and tortures human rights protestors and bloggers?

Do they have the kind of ethics we should trust with the lives of our children?

Should we pay for drugs from a state monopoly?

What are the national security implications at being so dependent, should their state subsidies knock out our free-market pharmaceutical companies?

Where will the research innovation come from if American and other free-market private sector entities are left with little or no profitability to invest in the next life-saving drugs?

How will we know China's not lying to us? And if there's a shortage, well then, who gets meds first.

Commie party bosses and their hangers on.

Who can forget China's earthquake anguish, the shoddily-constructed schools that buried the only children of countless families.

Can we trust China to care and be accountable.

And yet they hold much of our debt.

Another reason to free this country from the Dems tax and spend stranglehold and the Obama administration's heedless path to penury and slavery.

My rant. My reaction. On this one issue.

Now we know why most Americans hate Obamacare. Because it's the same kind of (lying pols and) faceless bureaucracy making life and death decisions...yes they can.

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