Thursday, November 10, 2011

Harvard confirmed Dem hackery: Professor Daley

Chicago Sun Times:
Former Mayor Richard M. Daley needed three tries to pass the bar exam. He was once so inarticulate that he took public speaking lessons to overcome that.
Mayor Rahm Emanuel has trashed his predecessor and political mentor virtually every chance he gets, even though he never mentions Daley’s name in a negative light.
But none of that has stopped Harvard, the nation’s most prestigious university, from offering Chicago’s longest-serving mayor a “visiting fellowship” this fall.
What's he gonna teach? (Granted, he and Maggie beautified the town with flowers, parks, and wrought-iron railings galore, and major attempts at school reform.) How to bankrupt a city in 5 easy lessons? How to cave to public employee unions at every opportunity, saddling taxpayers with unfathomable debt?

Granted, he's not alone. This is the Dem blue pattern across the country, enabled in the hallowed halls of Harvard. Professor and former Harvard President Larry Summers was one of the architects of the failed Obamanomics sinking us today.

The Mass. Ave gate to the yard reads "Enter to grow in wisdom". Well, that's not the Institute of Politics' entry, but sadly wisdom is in short supply:
“We wanted him to give advice to mayors, based upon his experience as a mayor, and things they ought to look out for and broader issues they’re gonna face,” Trey Grayson, director of Harvard’s Institute of Politics, said Wednesday. “We also love bringing former elected officials to campus to expose them to our students. Rather than having him just give a speech to 500 students, the fellowship allows a lot of smaller opportunities to have candid, off-the-record conversations in small groups over meals and coffee about how he got interested in politics, how he got elected, decisions he’s proud of and maybe decisions he’d like to do over.”
Is it news to Harvard how a Daley got elected? Hackery.

P.S. Is there a Rambo-Ritchie Daley rift?

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