Friday, December 02, 2011

Does anyone read at libraries any more?

Books seem an afterthought. We had libraries expand into videos, competing with private sector companies like Blockbuster--now bankrupt. Libraries branched out to include computers. Videos now stream on most people's personal PCs, iPads, or maybe even their phones.

Then there are ebooks. The classics can be had for pennies.

So what's a library's latest pitch to remain relevant? Allowing people to sleep there.

And in a time of crushing fiscal burdens, as home prices drop and taxes relentlessly rise, we are paying for hefty salaries and benefits for library employees, as books molder on the shelves.


Steve said...

I've always loved libraries - except my childhood library that was closed every Sunday - when the bleep are most people going to go Monday at 11:00 am?

I've also had trouble forcing my neighbors to pay to support the nice collection of romance novels. Really? Pay your property taxes or The Parisian Landowner's Virgin Duchess gets the axe.

Anne said...