Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Get your phony Durbin dollar here

Senator Dick Durbin has a truly backwards view of how capitalism is supposed to work. Thanks to price controls produced by his amendment to the infamous Dodd-Frank legislation, now consumers have to pay for the privilege of having access to their own money.

Why? Because America’s retail stores would rather squeal to Big Government’s authority figures like schoolchildren than negotiate the cost of doing business with banks and credit unions themselves. The Durbin Amendment is the fruit of their cowardice. And card-issuers, stuck with the bill, have to pay for it using money from the only group that doesn’t have an army of paid lobbyists in Washington: ordinary American consumers. Is your checking account no longer “free”? Is your bank introducing monthly debit card fees? Have you seen your card’s reward program benefits dry up? Thank the Durbin Amendment.
Get your worthless Durbin dollar here. Let him know how you feel.

P.S. Other jerky Durbin news: Durbin Tries to Trade Thomson Prison for Independent International Religious Persecution Watchdog’s Existence 

Durbin Taking Heat for Thomson Prison Trade for Religious Freedom Commission’s Continued Existence 

U.S. religious freedom commission prepares to shut down: lack of funding under Obama admin

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