Thursday, December 15, 2011

The making of an anti-Romney

I supported him last time against McCain but I'll be damned if I'll suck it up this time and accede to the Republican establishment beltway bullies' pick of Mitt, when they told us last time McCain was the only one who could win.

I started this blog as a conservative first, not a Republican, and I entitled it Backyard as a jab to the pundits on both coasts, left and right, who dismiss the heartland. The Tea Party started with an open outcry by Rick Santelli that electrified the outrage in this country over elitist conventional wisdom which has looted and despoiled America now, and for future generations.

Let me take this opportunity to join with Legal Insurrection in expressing my further outrage today.

My spouse and I have been subscribers to National Review for over 30 years, I believe. We have signed books and a framed letter from the late great William F. Buckley.

That relationship is in jeopardy, by me.

The voters, Iowa and otherwise, will pick our nominee.

And as someone who lives in one party-run corrupt and bankrupt Illinois, the president's Dem and doomed home state, I'll be damned if I'll be dictated to in the Republican primary process.

Vote with your heart, folks, vote with your mind.

Vote your gut feel on who can best lead America.

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