Monday, December 05, 2011

New Newt Ad in Iowa:)

Newt on offense, with a positive message: Byron York on the appeal:
  While insiders remember Gingrich's low points from the 90s, outsiders remember his triumphs.  They remember a Gingrich who had the vision to imagine a Republican takeover of the House when no one else could, and the skill to make it happen.  And when outsiders think of the two greatest policy achievements of the Clinton years -- a balanced budget and welfare reform -- they know Gingrich can legitimately claim a lot of credit for both.  So what if he was abrupt with colleagues? Or, for that matter, if he was the target of a Democratic-driven ethics attack?  As far as the 1990s are concerned, outsiders remember Gingrich's high points.
A lonely Newt on the new media of the time, C-Span, night after night, culminating in the new GOP majority and the Contract with America.

He had courage and vision then. The question is whether he has the discipline, and humility, to win America again.

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