Sunday, January 08, 2012

Newt with another breakthrough moment

Romney always hedges, plays it safe--oh yeah, he's "unscathed", above the fray--well maybe that's because he doesn't know what the fray is. "I've lived in the economy" he says. I don't play class warfare but Romney implicitly accepts Obama's and the left's premise with his defensive, timid tax policy. He's going to challenge Obama as another phony warrior for the middle class populist?

Paul goes after Santorum on his big government compassionate conservative spending and he's right.

And then we had Clinton hack ABC's All About Condoms George Stephanopoulos and a doped up Diane Sawyer fouling our living rooms with their bias and bile. Only Newt questioned the premise, only Newt rose above the petty distractions they posed all night long. Only Newt rose to defend millions of Americans who are disparaged every day, yet get up and do the work of the country.

Newt actually cut the size of government when he had a chance--ratcheting back spending and reforming entitlements.

Newt for president.

P.S. Another debate this morning, 8 central on NBC.

And remember Obamneycare.


Rose said...

I'm hoping Newt regains the lead. He knows what makes Washington tic, and he knows how to make it work. There won't be any pulling the wool over his eyes by the likes of Pelosi and Reid - he'll make the Congress and the Senate better by his very presence. We need that.

Anne said...

Yes. A thousand times yes.

Anne said...

He had a very good debate this morning. I think game changer--builds to the conservative alternative in South Carolina. Paul has peaked, Huntsman going nowhere even if he cuts into Mitt's lead in NH (good:), Santorum not translate beyond IA I think and Perry nice guy, good record but not enough spark so I think sunk for SC.

Newt is our only hope and he has earned it.