Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Romney Vulnerable

No I am invincible! No, no, no.

A determined conservative opposition.

Santorum slipped in toward a win, having campaigned in 99 counties, as Romney barraged Newt with millions in negative ads.

Paul has peaked, his message resonating domestically but foreign policy is crazy. Santorum has no legs to go on, Bachmann is essentially out and Perry looks like he's headed home. But Newt is in it to win it.

Newt: I reserve the right to tell the truth 


P.S. Recall the NH Union Leader endorsement of the Newtster.


MathMom said...

There was a tweet from Perry which sounds like he's staying in. Good on him. I don't like having presidential choice made by 0.07% of the population. I don't see Santorum going anywhere after this. I will vote for him if he becomes the nominee, however.

Anne said...

I am for New or Perry