Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Democrat Pat Caddell on Dem Attacks on Rubio: "It's really bad politics."

The Obama smear machine revs up. They trashed Sarah Palin and her family, now they're trying to scare Florida Sen. Marco Rubio out of the race before he's even in it. Jimmy Carter's pollster has gone rogue on the current leftist Dems for some time but even he is appalled by this:

Obama's approval rating is dropping, job-killing gas prices are rising, and he's desperate to change the subject. All negative all the time--he can't fool all the people any more. Newt made an absolutely tremendous speech challenging the president's many fallacies on energy. And Dems, despite all their bluster, are scared some of those Dem voters will stick with Rick in the fall.
Who has political courage in our party? Sarah Palin has had it for some time, she carried us through the darkest years pre-the 2010 midterm Tea Party win, now who's got it? Not Mitt. Rick, Newt, and Marco Rubio, our prime veep choice...

Obama's even gotten the Cardinal in Chicago mad and standing up for religious liberty...

This is getting more intense--freedom is on the line. I'd say we the people will win the day.

Because for us, it's not about politics--it's about our country, the future of the America we know and love.

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