Monday, February 20, 2012

Obama's Pond Scum

In the latest polls, Obama's approval slips under water again. A cautionary tale across a pond or two:
He explicated the insidious ways in which the upper echelons of Greek media were intertwined with the political structure, which prevented reporting of financial mismanagement and also clouded any hope for resolving the crisis. And he noted little things, like the leaflets on car windshields advertising moving companies: literal signs of the way the economic crisis was affecting Athens, as people angled for escape routes, either abroad or to the countryside. And how the mayor’s office was at that moment considering a quaint but cockeyed approach for the season’s Christmas lighting scheme: stringing lights around the city’s hundreds of shuttered storefronts.
So, back to barter. How's that gonna work for ya.

They say over there a long, strange dream is over. Let's hope we hit reality before it hits us.

P.S. Does Mittwit's fate rest in Michigan.

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