Monday, March 12, 2012

FEMA Tightens Big Gov Purse--If You Vote GOP

FEMA denies aid for southern Illinois towns hit by tornado

Earlier: FEMA Denies Kasich's Disaster Declaration Request

FEMA denies aid to Alabama following January storms

FEMA denies state wildfire aid - Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

Now you can make the argument that all this federal rescue business has gotten out of hand, that it's irresponsible to socialize risk, that storm-prone communities should plan and put away funds for disasters. Even FEMA has budget limits, or should. You can figure, and you might be right, that private company donations and charities can do a better job of really helping people get back on their feet.

But in the wake of a brutal act of God from an administration that loves to play god, it's hard to take.

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