Thursday, March 15, 2012

Get your vet Barack here

Step right up. It used to be the newsboys calling Extra, Extra, read all about it! Now it's move along, nothing to see here. There's even a group, I think it's called Move On...started to try to get us to forget about Bill Clinton and Monica of I never had sex with that woman the blue dress, who lied to his cabinet and the American people. Repeatedly.

This kind of blatant lying and corrupt activity has gone on for years. YEARS. And we're just supposed to shrug our shoulders.

We're just supposed to take it when it's the nanny state but look away when the law is blatantly broken for cynical political gain.

When was the last time your local and national media consistently and thoroughly reported actual news day in and day out. Probably not my entire adult lifetime.

In case you missed Ayers the other day. Barack's good ole bomber buddy. More today.

IBD lays it out: If Obama's Past Isn't A Concern, Why Cover It Up?

Vetting Barack, the latest installment: The Vetting: Cassandra Butts - Bell Devotee, Obama Advisor, Judicial Scout

I'm just choking on the elite's fecklessness and rampant MENDACITY.

Chris Muir.

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