Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Heartland Lady. Mom Goes Viral

In contrast to those elderly feminists who are always shooting their mouths off and shooting themselves in the foot...
We suppose we should mention that we don't care for Limbaugh's term "feminazi" either. While there's no denying its euphony--and euphony counts for a lot in radio--feminism is fundamentally different from National Socialism in that the latter is based on a theory of racial supremacy while the former is based on a false theory of equality. If only there were a catchy portmanteau of "feminism" and "Gramsci."
That said, you have to marvel at Fonda, Morgan and Steinem's chutzpah in comparing Limbaugh to Goebbels and then, in the very next sentence, denouncing him for using a Nazi analogy. The technical term for this sort of thing is "comedy gold."
 ...this lady has her head on straight and writes a lucid sentence or two.

The whole shebang started with her review of a chain restaurant. Getting mocked by Gawker is a badge of honor she shucks off with style.

When she's not writing about horsepower she's riding it.

Common sense and kindness, now there's a lesson for our times.

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