Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"Folks, we live in a democracy. But not here"

Not here, Illinois. No, Chicago Tribune reporters, it's not "political theater", but heartfelt outrage.
Biography: Full-time state legislator and business owner; born Dec. 30, 1960, in Murphysboro; graduated, Murphysboro High School; attended University of Illinois Certified Firefighter II Academy; served in U.S. Marine Corps (1979-82); married (wife, Tracy), has three children
I do think local districts should shoulder their pension costs, maybe then we'd get some realistic contracts and accountability. But not shoved through like this, with a tobacco tax trap.
Meanwhile, Quinn is hoping to use the backing of numerous business and public interest groups to help pressure lawmakers into passing major pension reforms. But the House under Speaker Michael Madigan does not appear inclined to approve key portions of Quinn's plan that would require employees to pay more toward retirement and retire later in life.
This is what's going on all over the country. Wisconsin's leading the way with real reform. If it can keep it. Illinois is still broke and corrupt. Death spiral.

P.S. Comment in The Blaze, HT Newsalert:
It isn’t ironic that Mr. Bost popped a vessel with pension spending bill in Illinois. I believe that a full 20% of the Illinois state budget is allocated to funding pensions….imagine that…20%!!!! Union workers make up on average 13% of the workforce and 20% of the states budget is dedicated to paying for their retirement.
Go Scott Walker…
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This stunning video:Chicagoland Shakedown: Why It's Impossible to Run A Business Without Breaking the Law 

Iron-fisted thuggery. Government regulations and interference enable rampant corruption at every level of government. This is Barack Obama's Illinois. This is his America.

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