Friday, May 04, 2012

Illinois, the Bottom Feeder

Yes, our Blago sidekick successor governor Pat Quinn (D-Obamastan) can blather all he wants but Illinois is sinking under waves of tax, spend and Chicago Way corruption.

Latest unsavory numbers, third from the bottom in business climate:
The magazine's rankings, based on surveys of 650 business leaders, are a telling example of how liberal tax and regulatory policies make it harder for businesses to operate. Seventeen of the 20 most business-friendly states in this ranking have right-to-work laws, which forbid compulsory union membership. By contrast, none of the bottom 20 states are right-to-work states. Three of the top five states -- Texas, Florida and Tennessee -- have no income tax. The bottom four states are all high-tax states (California, New York, Illinois and Massachusetts).
Let them eat carp.

so how is this narrative working out for you, Illinois?

P.S. Quinn and Dems pushing the revenue-iffy cigarette tax again.

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