Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Why Wrigley Field Must Be Destroyed

Destroy the Friendly Confines? Holy Cow:
The Cubs, founded in 1870, had been wanderers, playing on fields scattered across the breadth of booming iron-plated Chicago. The grandest was West Side Park, an opera house for the proletariat, with its velvet curtained boxes, at the intersection of Taylor and Wood on the West Side. [snip]

The Cubs then made the fatal mistake of taking up in Wrigley, where the evening sun streams through the cross-hatching above home plate and the creeping shadows form a web that has ensnared the club for a century, where sometimes the wind blows in and sometimes it blows out, and the only constant is disappointment.
But then I'm a Sox fan.

:) yeah, they've had a bad century.

P.S. Scrap the white wine too.

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