Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Elizabeth Warren Shuns Cherokee Women

Gee, I thought she wanted to have lunch with other Native American role models.

"We care about the truth...it's that simple", from the Boston Herald interview with two Cherokee women who traveled from Warren's home state of Oklahoma:

Warren's campaign and willing PC media acolytes attempt to shift attention to those who raised legitimate questions about her claims

If you impersonate a Cherokee to game affirmative action that is despicable. Set aside the question of preferences, what kind of character does this display, to inflate your resume in a way that may deprive others of opportunity.

And this woman wants to be a Dem US Senator.

When I was a child we visited a Cherokee reservation. I still remember the sacred circle we were asked not to cross out of respect, if not reverence.

Warren has none, and deserves none.

She should be shunned.

...when I grew up and went to Harvard from Wisconsin I had respect for it. If she's elected there will be a stain on the state, and shame on a venerable institution.

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