Monday, September 17, 2012

CTU Holds Kids Hostage. Week 2

So after whipping her union into a frenzy for months, CTU president Karen Lewis couldn't rein them in when it came time to deliver the deal on the table. She's called Rahmbo a liar and a bully and she may have a point--but what does that make her, as 350,000 Chicago kids are shut out of school--Big Union school.

With the backdrop of a broke city and state, with the average CTU salary of $74k plus benefits they pay little for, twice the average Chicagoan's salary, CTU's demands are pushing this city's back to the wall. Marching in the streets like the feckless Occupy brats, CTU makes the case for charter schools, parochial schools, school choice.

Even prominent dyed in the wool unionists have lost patience with CTU: Brown: ‘You’re showing yourself to be a union out of control’

So Rahmbo's seeking an injunction today to get the kids back in school. He's on strong legal ground.

I'll leave you with this: ... and this:
Let these children go

What Mr. Emanuel doesn't note is the bankrupt status quo: 99.7% of Chicago teachers are rated satisfactory while the graduation rate is just 60%, only 20% of eighth-graders are proficient in reading and less than 8% of 11th-graders are college-ready on state tests. Fixing such a system is a moral imperative, and Chicago's mayor might have encouraged parents and taxpayers to see it that way. But then it would have been harder for him to celebrate Friday's reported compromise on an evaluation framework far weaker than, for example, the one Michelle Rhee designed when she ran the schools in Washington, D.C.
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... Obama is pinned between a boulder and a sword. It's no time to make the moral case now. Acting stupidly the model.

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