Tuesday, January 16, 2007

This is Sharia

The Tribune has a story today on the difficulty in improving the lives of women in Afghanistan. Since the war, there is a ministry for women, women serve in the parliament, but many are still mistreated:
Every morning at the ministry is a litany of abuse tales, a line of sad women crouching in burqas in the cold corridor, and pockets of men, who insist that their women be returned to them. Judge Fawzia Aminiy, the head of the legal department, hears almost 30 cases a week, but she has limited power.

Safra, who did not want her last name used, pulled back a dirty blue burqa, revealing a bruise below her left eye. Bruises lined her arms. Her unemployed husband of 13 years had beat her for hours, stopping to rest several times, because she refused to work as a prostitute to pay the bills. Safra had walked out, leaving her four children behind. She wanted to leave him unless he promised to never again ask her to sell her body.
The story mentions a report on Afghanistan by Womankind Worldwide, link here. And a 14 year old tried to burn herself to death because her father lost her in a bet.

And then there is Nazanin, in Iran. Kathryn Jean Lopez, NRO:
Nazanin is an Iranian girl who, in March 2005, when she was 17, was walking in a park with her 15-year-old niece. Two men assaulted them, trying to rape them. In fending off the attackers, the older girl stabbed one of the men. He later died. For nearly two years she has been sitting in an Iranian jail facing execution. Last week — at last — she was exonerated of the murder charge. Thank heavens for outside pressure, which gave Nazanin a second chance.
Oh, but she has to pay blood money to the family of her attacker. LGF. More on Iranian women here.

Here is some lovely undercover video at LGF from a supposed moderate mosque in the UK---women are considered deficient and should be hit. Gays should be dead. In this country among some groups it is considered normal to beat women. Last fall at the conference of the Islamic Society of North America, the largest such group in the US, the imams held seminars on beating them "lightly". Chicago is home to a Muslim battered women's shelter.

Tonight, Nonie Darwish, daughter of an Egyptian terrorist, who has denounced terrorism, is speaking tonight at the University of Chicago, "Now They Call Me Infidel".

Pay attention. This is Sharia law. This is the endgame of jihad.

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