Friday, May 04, 2007

Bolshevik Tactics

They lose the election. Now they're planning to storm the Reichstag and set it on fire ...(they would set it on fire, only they're worried about Kyoto).

Advocating mob rule to thwart the will of the majority-- Bolshevik tactics in Wilmette. Pulling off the mask and revealing their contempt for democracy.

(Emphasis mine in the key paragraph below)

Sent: Wed, 2 May 2007 12:18 PM
Subject: Housing Alert: Wilmette, Tues., May 8

Dear Wilmette residents, religious leaders, and business leaders,

The support of each and every one of you is needed to pass new, important affordable housing programs and policies! Come to the next meeting of the Wilmette Village Board, Tues., 5/8, at 7:30 pm. If you haven't already done so, "sign" the attached letter of support for affordable housing in Wilmette being circulated by Wilmette Citizens for Affordable Housing .

At last, the hard work of the Finance Committee of the Village is moving toward action. This committee, headed by Trustee Lali Watt and additionally comprising Trustees Joanne Aggens and Mari Terman, is presenting its recommendations to the Village Board. Recall that this committee also conclude a survey of nearly 1,000 public and private employees in the Village and definitively established, by income level and family size, their interest in living in the Village. These recommendations will include the creation of a Wilmette affordable housing trust fund, a Wilmette community land trust to leverage these funds into the creation or preservation of affordable units, and what's likely to be a hybrid, multi-source method to capitalize the trust fund.

As you can see from the message below from Ed Miller and Celia Muench of Wilmette Citizens for Affordable Housing, there's an especially strong feeling of concern because May 8 is the last meeting of two trustees (Joanne Aggens and Jim Griffith) who have been especially passionate proponents of a Village role in the stewardship of housing.

Please come on 5/8 to urge passage of these initiatives, thank the Finance Committee, and let all trustees know that Wilmette has a solid base of support for affordable housing. It's the right thing to do!

Bring your friends, family members, co-workers. Tell your stories.
We need you.

Thank you,

Gail Schechter
Executive Director
Interfaith Housing Center of the Northern Suburbs
620 Lincoln Ave.
Winnetka, IL 60093
Phone: 847-501-5762, ext. 406
Fax: 847-501-5722

Dear Friends,

As you may know, only one of our affordable housing candidates, Mari Terman, was elected to the Village Board of Trustees. We are sad to say that Joanne Aggens, our other candidate, lost by 319 votes.Spillers and Basil, the new trustees, have already expressed their opposition to affordable housing.

We are disappointed because Joanne was one of the most committed trustees in favor of affordable housing and was a tireless fighter for the cause. She will be missed. We have invited her to join us and continue the advocacy for affordable housing in Wilmette. I am sure that we will have her support.

Thank you for all of YOUR support! And we need you NOW more than ever!

Next Tuesday, May 8 at 7:30 the Village Hall, the Village Board of Trustees will be receiving the final report of the Finance Committee on Affordable Housing. The recommendations include the establishment of an Affordable Housing Trust Fund, an Affordable Housing Land Trust and a Community Challenge Grant where the Village of Wilmette would match $500,000 raised by the community.

This is the LAST meeting of the existing Board of Trustees. Jim Griffith and Joanne Aggens, both big supporters of affordable housing, will be voting members for the last time. We need to show up in LARGE numbers to let the trustees know that the community supports the recommendations of the Finance Committee.

At next Tuesday's meeting, Wilmette Citizens for Affordable Housing will be presenting the letter of thanks to the Finance Committee that you recently "signed". We will also provide the Board with some business and environmental reasons for having affordable housing in Wilmette.

Please come on Tuesday night and bring other Wilmette residents and/or community leaders to this critical meeting.

Thanks again for your support!

Ed and Celia
Wilmette Citizens for Affordable Housing

Board link here.(link down at time of post) Agenda for Tuesday, May 8th Board Meeting should show up here sometime today.

UPDATE: Jog your memory on MOLD FEST and assorted other schemes. Related earlier post, A Fruitless Effort

UPDATE: Post by the Wilmette Blog

UPDATE: Email:
Last week I was in the Village Hall seeking a fence permit when I encountered a delegation from the Atrium Apartments. The group was seeking answers to a problem at the Atrium, and had been upstairs and was then sent to Community Development. They looked, and sounded, frustrated. These seniors were literally being given the run-around.

Wilmette has yet to resolve the issues which developed from its support of the Atrium Apartments. The Village of Wilmette should not consider sponsorship of an even larger "affordable" housing program until it can manage the housing program it has in place.

Mary Louise O'Reilly
UPDATE: Email:
I am a frustrated Wilmette resident and have chewed around the corners of Wilmette politics for a long time. I first moved to Wilmette in 1976 at age 10 and recently moved back 4 yrs ago. While I am frustrated by the Village Trustees, I was happy to see the election of Karen Spillers and Mike Basil - the continued use of the trustee position to promote personal agendas was voted down by voters now that Joanne Aggens and Jim Griffith have lost their seats.

I saw your affordable housing blog and am infuriated by the use of my (taxpayer) money to support someone else's agenda. I have been preaching to whomever will listen that Mallinckrodt is a gross misuse of Wilmette's bond rating and the continued insistence by the board to regulate my personal property is against a taking of my property without just compensation. It seems that the voters are tired of it too and I am hopeful that the new board will begin to focus on what is really important to Wilmette on May 22nd.

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