Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Giuliani Opens in Illinois

Putting a Blue State in play, Rudy Guiliani opened his campaign office today in suburban Lisle, Illinois. At the same time, lots of new videos available on Rudy's YouTube Page. Here's one:From his press release:
The Illinois headquarters, located in Lisle, will house Rudy's Illinois staff and serve as the base of operations for volunteer activities in the state.

Illinois Campaign Chairman Tom Cross and National Campaign Manager Michael DuHaime attended the opening.

“Rudy Giuliani is the only Republican candidate that can win Illinois in the primary and general elections,” DuHaime said. “With today’s office opening, recent campaign staff hires and our high level endorsements in Illinois, we are in an excellent position to build support and keep our momentum in the state.” Today’s office opening follows the recent endorsements of U.S. Representatives Jerry Weller and Judy Biggert.
The Swamp brought up single issue GOP voters:
But DuHaime maintained "the primary election is not going to be decided on any one single issue in terms of looking at whether he's a moderate on this issue, conservative on another issue."

"There are a number of single-issue voters and those voters are probably not going to vote for Rudy if they don't agree on that single issue," he said. "But there are far fewer single-issue voters then most people would think there are and especially, after now that terrorism being as big of an issue as it is, it's dramatically less than it was just eight years ago."

Giuliani on offense in Illinois. His biggest official GOP competition so far is Mitt Romney, who handily won the straw poll at the State Fair last week. As The Swamp notes, Romney was the governor of a Blue State.

UPDATE: Bill Baar was there with pix. And Guiliani's fundraising pitch: "I'm the Hillary-stopper".

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