Thursday, August 23, 2007

Obama's Judgement

On the Daily Show last night, Obama claimed he doesn't need experience to be President, just good judgement. (The Swamp has the clip.)

Did he use good judgement when he threatened to unilaterally invade an ally? Commander Obama.

Did he use good judgement when asked what he would do if two US cities had just suffered a terrorist nuclear attack? He talked about Katrina, "The first thing we'd have to do is make sure we've got an effective emergency reponse." Mayor Barack.

Do we want a president who is cozy and bankrolled by a slightly unhinged anti-Semite like George Soros? Are we comfortable with a president who chooses a church by its leader who thinks black separatism is OK and Ghadaffi, who blew up an American jetliner, is a good guy? Apologist Barack.

Did Obama use good judgement when he repeatedly accepted money and help for his campaign from Tony Rezko, "even when all of political Illinois figured Rezko for a federal indictment"? Quick Buck, Shady Barack.

Obama always keeps on talking---yeah, that'll work. He says he asks the "tough questions". He just never gives us the tough answers. Nor takes the difficult, principled actions.

UPDATE: RCP Blog with more analysis and clips, latest polls. BoomerGirl on the Dem gender gap. And airhead Obama Girl may vote for Hillary.

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