Thursday, August 02, 2007

Russia Lays Claim

Commander Obama wants to invade Pakistan, Russia invades Greenland. All this unilateral aggression. Now even placid Canada is fired up:
Even so, the development has galvanized other Arctic nations into action. Denmark is to submit its own claim and Canada has announced it will build eight armed ships capable of cutting through the ice.
It's about claiming oil development rights:
Both countries are also expected to study the Lomonosov Ridge, which runs through Greenland to Canada’s Ellesmere Island.

The area is believed to have up to 10 billion barrels of oil.

With the United States and Norway also having filed claims, the prospect for bitter territorial disputes has been raised. Russia, however, remains quietly confident.

BBC story here. When I was briefly in the old USSR back in the 70's their standard tour near a lovers' leap claimed Shakespeare was inspired by the tragic demise of Boris and Natasha.

Bad Vlad Putin is a busy guy, poisoning enemies left and right and laying claim to new territory before his term expires.

P.S. Maybe we'd better develop ANWR before Russia decides Alaska still belongs to them.

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