Sunday, December 16, 2007

Would you trust your life to Jan Schakowsky?

Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), feminazi, flaming liberal and bigot, undoubtedly thinks our troops are baby-killers, married to a tax-cheating ex-felon, wants to impeach VP Cheney, and terrorist apologist, is on the House Intelligence C0mmittee.

Yes, Jan Schakowsky is on the House Intelligence Committee.

She thinks waterboarding is torture and we should never use it. (Ask Nancy about her acquiescence, Jan.) I imagine Schakowsky would have liked to have seen the interrogation tapes the CIA destroyed (after eliciting life-saving information) to protect their interrogators from al-Qaeda reprisals. All difficult issues. More difficult for those who risk their lives to protect us, whether they serve at home, overseas, as regular military, private security or undercover CIA.

But let me ask you this-- Would you trust your life to Jan Schakowsky?

[cartoon by Michael Ramirez, in the Chicago Tribune and IBD]

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