Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Name an Obama Accomplishment

UPDATE: NY Sun on the possibility of foreign $$$ flooding campaigns--Obama leads in small individual donations of under $200 which do not need to be disclosed:
However, one area of concern with the flood of donations, particularly those made online, is that foreigners could be weighing in illegally in an American election. Mr. Obama's Web site allows donors to choose an address in one of 227 possible countries or territories, including Iran, Iraq, Zimbabwe, and Yemen.
***If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. New Luntz focus group asked the question again--name one Obama accomplishment. Video: UPDATE: The Politico, "Hillary hits Obama on transparency, rhetoric":
During the half-hour conversation, she said that when she hears Obama’s oratory about a more civil politics, she wonder what fights he would avoid. “You never hear the specifics,” Clinton said. “It’s all this kind of abstract, general talk about how we all need to get along. I want to get along, and I have gotten along, in the Senate. I will work with Republicans to find common cause whenever I can. But I will also stand my ground because there are fights worth having.”

Clinton also suggested that she was getting more fair coverage from Fox News than from MSNBC, which recently ran afoul of her campaign when correspondent David Shuster said her daughter Chelsea Clinton had been “pimped” out to help with the election.

“I really am troubled by this pattern of behavior and comments that you hear,” she said.
Well, we hear in Illinois he hid in the bathroom a lot during key votes. And when he did vote, if he didn't sidestep by voting present, he was the most liberal in the Illinois state Senate, just as he is the most liberal in the US Senate, despite all his soft talk. Full text of his pre-Potomac primary interview with The Politico. Sounds like Barack is running for mayor of DC. Might be good experience for him. The interview closes with these dubious assertions by the Big O:
JH: Senator, the presidency is not just an inspirational job. It’s also an executive job, in which presidents have to make really tough decisions virtually every day. Neither one of you has executive experience.

BO – Nor Sen. McCain.

JH – Nor Sen. McCain – that’s very true. What I wonder is, since you came to Washington, what’s the toughest decision you’ve had to make? What made is so hard? And what does that tell us about you as president?

BO: Well, obviously legislative decisions come up all the time. So one very difficult decision was deciding to vote against the Iraq war.
One vote he didn't duck, big whoop. [Note: A reader reminds me that he was still in Springfield at the time of the first vote against the war. He actually voted in the Senate against funding the troops. How admirable.] That's his entire campaign, besides himself of course. Time asks if Obama can maintain his momentum.

UPDATE: Hillary's media girlfriends come out swinging on Obama shading his positions. Sun Times Group op-ed:

Most damaging to Obama so far is a New York Times article published several days ago showing that while in Iowa during a stump speech, Obama claimed to have "passed" a bill regulating nuclear power plants.

Trouble is, that measure never was approved by the Senate. The bill was to have required nuclear power plants to alert citizens if even minor leaks of radioactive waste were discovered. Under law, only significant leaks must be made public.

While Obama claimed to have "passed" a bill that never did pass, he also participated in negotiations that watered down the measure to the point of meaninglessness. That, however, didn't stop him from claiming the mantle of being pro-environment and anti-nuclear pollution while campaigning.

What's worse, he took campaign contributions worth hundreds of thousands of dollars from Exelon executives and employees. Exelon is the company that owned a plant that kept smaller leaks quiet. According to its Web site, it also is the largest nuclear power provider in the nation.

Of course despite Leftie hysteria the Exelon leaks, while they should have been immediately reported, were of a harmless substance. Bill Baar with more on Hillary playing the Exelon card.

UPDATE: Tom Bevan on Kirk Dillard's latest. More on the Clinton-Obama dynamic here.

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