Thursday, June 19, 2008

Obama is a Nasty Phony

A CNN report surfaces on the Alice Palmer story--an ugly chapter in Barack's past. (Video below--apparently it was done when Hillary was still in the race. I've written about this before, Hardball Obama. Those Insider Outsiders.

Look, Barack Obama, an ambitious newcomer to Chicago, used his Harvard Law buddies to knock his opponents off the ballot in his first run for office--members of his own party. One of them was the incumbent. A woman who had served her community on the south side of Chicago.

Obama and the Chicago machine say rules are rules. But they set those rules--to make it more difficult for those not so well-connected or well-heeled, or well-schooled--to get on the ballot. You need a lawyer or to be one to navigate all the pitfalls. And Obama enlisted some of the best to help him succeed the Chicago Way.

Barack Obama is a mean, nasty phony.

HT Dave, and Flying Debris.

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